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Istanbul Tours 2018

18 tours Istanbul is the biggest city of Turkey in terms of population, culture and economy. Although it is not the capital of the country, Istanbul is known as the center of Turkey in business, tourism and entertainment. So it is the second most crowded city in Europe while it is on the first place in Turkey.

Cappadocia Tours(2018)

4 tours Formation of this unique heaven which is found right into the center of Turkey dates back to 60 million years. Starting with the volcano’s repelling of the lavas this adventure has ended with hot and cold weather, winds and rains, formation of unusual buildings.

Ephesus & Pamukkale Tours(2018)

4 tours Ephesus which was one of the most important cities of its time is found in the borders of Selçuk district of İzmir that is the pearl of Aegean Region. This ancient city that is thought to be established in B.C 6000 was one of the 12 cities of Ionia in Ancient Greek period.

Antalya Tours (2018)

9 tours Antalya: with a history dating back to 133 BC and a name meaning “Home of Attalos” referring to the founder of the city Attalos, is a peaceful city situated at the slopes of the Taurus Mountains rich in scenic beauties and historical monuments.

Fethiye Tours (2018)

1 tours Fethiye with its cultural wealth, natural beauties and geography, is among the important touristic centres of Turkey. It is famous for its works of art belong to Persians, Lycians, Carians and Romans. This charming county is in a bay within Fethiye Gulf where both large and small islands are scattered. The rear of the bay is surrounded by pine forests.

Bodrum Tours (2018)

3 tours Bodrum is a resort town in Southwest Turkey, and it is one of the most popular holiday destinations. The unique blend of nature, history, entertainment, and the hospitality of Turkish people made Bodrum one of the most visited destinations inTurkey.

Trabzon & Uzungol (2018)

2 tours Black Sea Region is located in the northern part of Turkey. It is surrounded by Marmara Region to the west, Central Anatolia Region to the south, Eastern Anatolia Region to the southeast, the Republic of Georgia to the northeast and the Black Sea to the north.

Bursa Uludag Tours(2018)

1 tours Bursa takes its “green” name from the natural beauty of the city that starts from Uludağ and continues all along the region, clean seaside, tiles in mausoleums and beauty which is improved over years but hasn’t changed. This city is celebrated for its silk, every kind of chestnut sweet and appetizing peach. If you ask me “What makes Bursa,Bursa?”

Sapanca Lake, Masukiye and Darica Zoo Day Tour

1 tours If you enjoy panoramic views, you should visit Manzara Restaurant on the road to Kartepe from Masukiye, where you will see Sapanca Lake and Izmit Gulf at the same time

Istanbul Private Shore Excursion (2018)

3 tours Signing up for an Istanbul shore excursion effectively eliminates the need for a guidebook and map. Professional tour guides need to be qualified in Turkey and they spend many years studying history before passing exams to work in this trade.

Izmir Private Shore Excursion(2018)

1 tours Port of Izmir(ancient name is Symrna) is located in the Western of Turkey.The city itself is the 3rd biggest city in Turkey and one of the oldest cities in the Mediterranean region. The spoken language is Turkish and the currency is Turkish Liras(TL). The distance to the Izmir International Airport is 18km from the Port of Izmir.

Kusadasi Private Shore Excursion(2018)

4 tours The Port of Kusadasi is located in the town of Kusadasi on Turkey’s Aegean coast. The spoken language is Turkish and the currency is Turkish Lirasi (TL). The distance to the International Adnan Menderes Airport is 85 km from the Port of Izmir.

Gallipoli & Troy Tours(2018)

3 tours This unique city with its own natural beauty and uniting Asia and Europe continents is a rival to Istanbul. You remember it from enormous wars and recognize it as Troy and Gallipoli. Turks called the city as “Çanakkale” where Bosporus is mixed with Aegean Sea. The city that dates back to B.C 3000 hosted lots of civilizations. It became a popular place of mythological loves, sorrowful stories glorious epics in each page of the history.

Abant Tours (2018)

1 tours It is a favorite vacation and excursion spot for both Turkish and foreign travellers thanks to the natural beauty of its surroundings, which are covered with European black pine, Scots pine, oaks, ashes, hornbeams, willows, junipers, tamarisks, hazels, common medlar, and strawberry trees. Lake Abant is a natural park.

Blue Cruise Tours(2018)

4 tours The "Blue Cruise" ; exploring the beautiful unspoilt coastline of south-west Turkey by a traditional Turkish gulet is a magical experience. Escape to the pleasures of relaxing under the sun, swimming, good food and magnificent scenery. The daily experience of sailing to a new adventure on crystal clear waters in every shade of blue and green is rewarding and satisfying.This is a holiday to remember !

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